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Miniature DonkeyMiniature DonkeyWynnfield Caspar

Brown with Sorrel highlights Gelding

D.O.B. 03/04/14

Sire: Old West Del Rio

Dam: Hill Country Minis Hot Dam

This stunning boy is show quality , he has beautiful movement and leads and trots out easily. Very friendly and loving.

He is only offered to a 5 star home with other donkeys.

Please Contact for more details.

Miniature DonkeyMiniature DonkeyWynnfield Minnie The Minx

Sire: Barley High Sorcerers Apprentice

Dam: Haven Farms Little Annie

D.O.B. 02/01/12

Dark Brown

31 inches

Minnie is extremely correct and show ring quality, having already been shown and placed

Reserve Show Champion at Kent County 2014.

She is from outstanding stock all having been shown very successfully .

Please contact me for anymore information.


Miniature DonkeyMiniature DonkeyWynnfield Dorothy

Sire Barley High Sorcerers Apprentice

Dam: Wolfheart Fancy Handle

D.O.B. 05/06/12


31 inches

Dottie has the most wonderful temperament coupled with exceptional looks and is very correct.

5 star homes only for these very special girls

Miniature DonkeyWynnfield Lillibet
D.O.B 02/05/12
Sire:Barley High Sorcerers Apprentice
Dam: Brayers R Us LN Riata
Colour: Brown Filly

This beautiful little filly is the spitting image of her Champion sire, she is very correct and has so much presence I feel that she will make a fantastic show donkey and later a top quality brood mare. She comes to call and is the first to greet you in the paddock, snap her up quick as I won't need an excuse to keep her.

MMDA and DBS registered, passported and microchipped


Wynnfield DilyciousWynnfield Dilycious

D.O.B 30/07/11

Sire: Barley High Sorcerers Apprentice

Dam : Hill Country Miniatures Bodacious

How blessed are we another fantastic filly from Bodie, she is so well proportioned and has been since birth.


These two very special ladies have a new fantastic home with Ian and Val Binns .


Miniature DonkeyMiniature DonkeyDILLON

D.O.B 13/08/2008

Brown 32in gelding

Registered and passported with the Donkey Breed Society,

Has been a companion to my young horse for the past 4 yrs.

Has a fantastic temperament and very good to lead, farrier etc.

He loves being fussed and groomed.

Good home essential

Dillon has now gone to his fantastic new home in Cheshire - many thanks to Angie Moore, I know he is going to be one very spoilt donkey.

Miniature DonkeyMiniature DonkeyWynnfield Tonto

This stunning little gelding will make a wonderful pet or show gelding.

Will be vaccinated, microchipped and passported and will be available on weaning late January.

Deposit will secure. Price on application

Has a fantastic new home with Ian and Carol Prentice in Leeds

Miniature DonkeyMiniature DonkeyWynnfield Jasmine
Barley High Sorcerers Apprentice
Quartermoon Gingersnap

This beautiful sorrel filly has amazing presence and fantastic action, she is very stocky with a beautiful head and also very cheeky, she loves attention and makes sure that she is the first to come and greet you.

Will be going to their new home with Kim Leigh when weaned in November 2013

Miniature DonkeyMiniature DonkeyWynnfield Tilly Trotter
D.O.B 08/04/13
Sire: Barley High Sorcerers Apprentice
Dam: Hill Country Miniatures Bodacious

This stunning filly has fantastic conformation which is inherited from her parents, both being Champions, she is always running around hence her name.

She will make a superb breeding Jenny or show donkey, she is so friendly and comes to call and like all of our donkeys she is very well handled.

Will be going to their new home with Kim Leigh when weaned in November 2013

More Past Sales

Miniature DonkeyMiniature DonkeyWynnfield Zorro
D.O.B 17/06/12
Sire: Barley High Sorcerers Apprentice
Dam: Ozark Abrakadabra

This gorgeous little colt is very nicely marked and is always the first to greet you in the pasture.

He has tremendous presence and is not frightened of anything, he will make a good Show colt.

Heading to his fantastic new home in the Isle of Wight

JennyCountry Music Lilly Dale 1st place Miniature Mares Surrey
County Show 2010

D.O.B 04/09/07

32in Dark Brown

Sire: Country Music Garth Brooks

Dam: Country Music Kristyn Osborn

This little lady needs no introduction being bred at the famous Country music ranch in Texas, we only showed her very lightly last year but she did not disappoint ! She has a beautiful head and conformation and we will look forward to breeding her first foal this year.

JennyJenny Name: Frontier Legends Topsanna

Sire: Frontier Legends Goldminer

Dam: Frontier Legends Cynthia Ann Parker

32 in Dark Brown

This outstanding Jenny has so much presence coupled with a deep chest and beautiful head.

She is currently in foal to WLDF Tin Roof Sunday the 2008/2009 ACOSA National Champion

Many thanks to Edit and Horvath - Country Music Lilly Dale & Frontier Legends Topsanna have been exported to Hungary

YoungstockWynnfield Dancing Queen

Sire: Arcadian Yogi

Dam: Ozarks Abrakadabra

D.O.B 03/04/11

We were absolutely delighted with this little lady who was born on Mothers day, she has her mothers beautiful head and is very evenly marked.

Many thanks to Clare Griffin Herts.

Miniature DonkeyMiniature DonkeyWynnfield Jessie J.
D.O.B 19/04/12
Sire: Barley High Sorcerers Apprentice
Dam: Everdream Maria

This little lady is so friendly and very correct just like her parents.

She comes to call and hasn't been named yet as will be named when we take her to the Margate Pilgrims Hospice Fundraising day on Saturday July 14th.

She will be MMDA registered, passported and microchipped. She will be available when weaned mid October.£2500

Jessie has now gone to her new home in Belgium. Many thanks to Emma and Joelle.

Miniature DonkeyMiniature DonkeyWynnfield Mister Tom.
D.O.B 09/06/11
Sire: Old West Del Rio
Dam : Quarter Moon Gingersnap
Colour: Dark Brown

This little man has fantastic movement and a huge personality, he has the prettiest head and is very confident even at this early age. He will be passported and MMDA registered.£1500 ono

Will be available early December when weaned, Delivery can be arranged and deposit will secure

Shortly going to his fantastic new home with Mrs Helen Illes

Miniature DonkeyMiniature DonkeyWynnfield Smart Cookie
D.O.B 26/05/11
Sire:Barley High Sorcerers Apprentice
Dam: Brayers R Us LN Riata
Colour: Brown

Cookie has tremendous presence even at this young age, he is very friendly and is the first to greet you, he has correct conformation and is full brother to Wynnfield Razzle Dazzle who was DBS Reserve Foal Champion 2010. Both parents are veterinary certified to confirm they are free from faults.Will be MMDA registered and passported.

Delivery can be arranged, deposit will secure until weaning in November. £1500 ono

Shortly going to his fantastic new home with Mrs Helen Illes

Miniature DonkeyMiniature DonkeyWynnfield Jiminy Cricket
D.O.B 03/02/10
Sire: Barley High Sorcerers Apprentice
Dam: KKR Silk Bandana

Update: 21st Aug 2010 Jiminy was placed 1st in his class and awarded DBS Supreme Champion Foal

Update: Jiminy won 1st prize on his showing debut at Ellingam and Ringwood Show

This delightful little chap has an outstanding pedigree which includes Circle C Little Motown, MGF Fiftyfire and Sunset Acres Rowdy Yates thats just on his Dams side, his sire is of course the top winning Miniature Jack of 2009 Barley High Sorcerers Apprentice.

He is blessed with stunning looks, has a good deep chest and nice straight back legs, he also has a good bite and fantastic action along with his Sires superb temperament. Both parents are veterinary inspected to confirm they are free from faults.

He will make a fantastic herd sire or gelding.

£1950 ono - Jiminy is bound for Northern Ireland many thanks to Finola Doran and Michael McAlinden on the purchase of this special boy.

Miniature DonkeyMiniature DonkeyWynnfield Razzle Dazzle
D.O.B 25/04/10
Sire: Barley High Sorcerers Apprentice
Dam: Brayers R Us LN Riata

This outstanding filly just oozes presence and was going to be a keeper unfortunately I just have too many donkeys to show. She has fantastic conformation and a temperament second to none.

She has been shown, winning 1st filly Foal and Reseve Champion at the DBS Supreme Show.


Sold - Many thanks to Janey Poole.

Miniature DonkeyMiniature DonkeyWynnfield Tinchy Stryder
D.O.B 19/04/10
Sire: Barley High Sorcerers Apprentice
Dam: Wolfheart Fancy Handle

This stunning little man was only 18 inches at birth and is going to remain small, he won Best Foal at the MMDA Supreme Championship show,
he has outstanding conformation and oozes presence, it is with great hesitation that he is offered for sale.

Serious offers please.

Many thanks to Anthon and Veronique where he is destined to be their herd sire in Belgium.

Miniature DonkeyMiniature DonkeyWynnfield Pixie Lott
D.O.B 05/05/10
Sire: Barley High Sorcerers Apprentice
Dam: Short Assets Dulce

This stunning little filly has a fantastic show winning pedigree, she has a fantastic temperament having been shown with her mother at only 8 weeks of age. She leads very well and will be an asset to a show home or indeed make a good breeding Jenny, she has very correct conformation and a perfect bite. Available when weaned. Good home essential with other donkeys.

£2750 ono

Shortly going to her fantastic new home with Sara and Maurice Claydon.


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