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Questions about Miniature Donkeys

miniature donkeyQ. Can I keep one miniature donkey ?

A. No- donkeys are herd animals and are unhappy when alone , if neccesary  a small standard donkey will make an equally good companion as another miniature.

Q. How much land do I need to keep two miniature donkeys?

A. Generally one acre of land is sufficient,if grass is plentiful in the Summer then this can be restricted. Donkeys are originally desert dwellers so therefore do not need rich lush grass.

Q. Will I need a stable / shelter?

A. Yes, as donkeys coats are not waterproof, they need access to a stable or field shelter at all times to shelter from the rain, they will also use this in the summer to shade from the flies.

Q. Can I keep two stallions together?

A. No definetly not, they will fight continually as will consider themselves as rivals. However there is no problem with having two geldings as pets, they will stay lifelong friends to each other and to you !

Q. What is the gestation time of a miniature donkey ?

A. A Jenny will carry her foal for between 11-13 months, although 12 months is the average time.

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